Remember, Woman, your power and grace,

The depth of your deep sea heart.

Never forget you are Woman, divine,

As you have been from the start.

          Reese Leyva

accountability coach

Hi, I'm Whitney

My entire career has been focused on helping women be more confident and believe in themselves. It’s the area I’m most passionate about because as women, we never seem to give ourselves enough credit, see our true worth, or understand how amazing and powerful we really are. My aim is to help women see their true potential.

I launched GirlPower Fitness in 2015, offering group fitness classes and personal training for women. Today, GirlPower Fitness offers online fitness for women, along with nutrition and health tips.

Life Coaching allows me to help women who want to build confidence and take back control of their lives to feel happier and more accomplished. What a gratifying career!

I hold a Life Coach Certification from the Life Coach Training Institute. I live in Austin with my computer engineer husband, two ballerina daughters and two ridiculous poodles.